National carrier discrimination based on colour

The DA and
Solidarity were fuming on Friday over news that the
pilot cadet training programme of SA Airways (SAA)
excluded white men.
“It is disturbing that SAA have opted to exclude people
from its pilot training programme on the basis of race
and gender,” said Democratic Alliance MP Natasha
“No South African should feel excluded on the basis of
the colour of their skin or the combination of
chromosomes they happen to possess.”
The Beeld newspaper reported that application forms to
the training programme from white men were no
longer being accepted by the SAA.
SAA spokesman Kabelo Ledwaba told the newspaper
the cadet programme was being advertised online as an
initiative to bring pilot demographics in line with the
country’s broader demographics.
He said only 15 percent of SAA pilots were black,
including Indians and coloureds.
Ledwaba said the airline would appoint male white
pilots when there were vacant posts for which
applicants of other races could not be found.
“Racial discrimination was the animating idea of
apartheid and has no place in a democratic South
“There has to be a better way of ensuring diversity,
merit and redress than blanket racial and gender
quotas,” said Michael.
Trade union Solidarity said it would launch a public
campaign against SAA unless it “immediately”
abandoned its quota system.
Deputy general secretary Dirk Hermann said the
campaign slogan would be: “SAA: An absolute barrier
Herman said Solidarity would use Facebook and
Twitter to garner public support for the campaign. –


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