Another day another cop dies

Johannesburg – Two policemen have been shot and killed while
responding to a hijacking in Sonland Park, Vereeniging,
Gauteng police said on Sunday.
The owner of a house in Korhaan Street and his brother were
driving out of the premises on Saturday evening when a white
Elantra stopped and blocked their way, spokesperson Captain
Pinky Tsinyane said.
Three men got out, held them at gunpoint and demanded their
car keys. One of the victims tried to run to a passing police
patrol. The hijackers shot him in the leg.
The three hijackers then opened fire on the police officers
after they got out of their car. The two, a warrant officer and
a constable, died on the scene. They were based at the
Vereeniging police station.
The gunmen fled with the police vehicle. It was later
abandoned after they hijacked another vehicle.
The killing of the officers brought to three the number of
policemen killed in Gauteng within a week.
On Wednesday Constable Eianah Rangani was shot and killed,
and his colleague critically wounded while on patrol in
Hillbrow, Johannesburg.
The occupant of a car shot at them when they tried to search


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