Only 1 out of 394 hospitals passed acceptable standards

Johannesburg – Only one hospital out of 394 passed
all acceptable standards in an audit conducted by
the health department, City Press newspaper
reported on Sunday.
Witrand Psychiatric Hospital in Potchefstroom, North
West, was the only one of the medical facilities
audited which had adequate cleanliness, infection
control and drug stock; as well as acceptable staff
attitudes, patient safety standards and reasonable
waiting times.
The Zebediela Hospital in Limpopo scored seven
percent in terms of cleanliness, while the Standerton
TB Hospital scored eight percent for the attitude of
its staff.
The audit was conducted between May 2011 and May
2012 at 3 880 hospitals and clinics across the
Inspectors found that 93% of hospital wards did not
have the adequate and functional equipment needed
to ensure the safety of mothers and children.
Only 32% of the hospitals and clinics audited had
sufficient infection control procedures.
Only two of the medical facilities had measures in
place which could guarantee patient safety.
Just under a third of staff were deemed to treat
patients reasonably, with a quarter described as
being caring.


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