Parole farce

Selebi’s Shaik-y medical parole?
Reports in the press today that former national police
commissioner and convicted fraudster, Jackie Selebi, has
been spotted shopping in Pretoria are concerning.
Selebi was released on medical parole last year after
serving only 229 days of his 15 year prison sentence (see
Beeld report).
At the time of his release, the Department of
Correctional Services said its decision to release Mr
Selebi was based on the fact that he had "a medical
condition which is terminal, chronic, progressive and has
deteriorated or reached an irreversible state".
It was reported that Mr Selebi had end-stage renal
disease for which he was receiving dialysis. End-stage
renal disease means the person has irreversible kidney
damage and they end up on dialysis for life.
If Mr Selebi has indeed made a miraculous recovery from
his illness or not been adhering to all his parole
conditions, the decision to release him could potentially
be reviewed.
Given the huge degree of public scepticism about
medical parole in South Africa, it is essential that the
Department of Correctional Services monitors convicted
criminals released on parole to determine whether the
parole conditions remain valid.
I will be asking parliamentary questions to Correctional
Services Minister Sbu Ndebele to determine whether Mr
Selebi’s medical parole is, in fact, being monitored by
his Department and whether there have been any
indications that there may be a need to review the parole
There cannot be one law for the politically connected and
another for the rest of us.


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