Daar harbouring Libian fugitive

Police must arrest Gaddafi henchman
The DA will request that the Portfolio Committee on
Police convene an urgent meeting to obtain clarity
from the acting Head of the Crime Intelligence Unit,
Chris Ncgobo, as to how Muammar Gaddafi’s former
Chief of Staff, Bashir Saleh, who is on Interpol’s most
wanted list, has not been arrested. This is despite
being seen in South Africa on several occasions (see
Sunday Times report). Furthermore, that Ngcobo
informs Parliament on when the arrest of Mr Saleh
will be carried out.
The committee should also conduct an investigation
into how and why someone on an international most-
wanted list was invited to the ANC’s centenary dinner
in Manguang in January 2012, and whether this was
known prior to his attending it, and by whom.
The fact that he was also spotted at the 5th BRICS
summit in Durban this year, and that he is able to fly
regularly – without being detained – between South
Africa, Swaziland and Niger, points to someone with
connections in high-places in the current government.
If this is the case, and his identity was fully known,
then it would seem that South Africa is deliberately
harbouring a fugitive.
This latest development is a devastating blow to our
country’s already tattered image in Interpol, following
disgraced former President of Interpol, Jackie Selebi’s
tenure. This was an opportunity to correct this, and
the question that must now be asked is why it wasn’t
Urgent action must now be taken to rectify this.
Bashir Saleh must be immediately arrested and a full
investigation conducted so that the world knows that
South Africa will not allow itself to become a safe
haven for international criminals.
Statement issued by Dianne Kohler Barnard MP, DA
Shadow Minister of Police, June 2 2013


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