Motorist murdered on highway

JOHANNESBURG – West Rand police said on Thursday they are
searching for at least three smash and grabbers who killed a
motorist for his cellphone on a busy highway.
Newly-wed Tabit Samodien’s phone was snatched through his open
car window on Wednesday night on the N1 Highway at the Gordon
Road offramp.
He chased the suspects on foot as his wife watched from the car
window, but was attacked and hit in the head with a rock.
His wife phoned the police before Samodien died on the scene.
Police spokesperson Lydia Mtila-Dikolomela said, “We can buy
another cellphone. These are hardened criminals, they don’t have
The 23-year-old man was driving with his wife of only three months
when they were targeted in the Florida area.
He was left half naked on the side of the road.
All his personal belongings were taken.
However, police said they found another cellphone nearby which
they believe may lead them to the suspects.
Meanwhile, Samodien’s family said he has just become another
statistic of South Africa’s violent crime.
“He was only 23-years-old and still had a full life ahead of him.
They undressed him and took his pants, shoes and wedding band.
Everybody is devastated, this is just another statistic. I don’t think
anything will be done about it. Something may happen from the
police’s side, but I have no faith in them either.”

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