N14 rocks on the road

Tow-truck companies in Johannesburg have dealt with
several incidents of motorists who had their cars damaged
by rocks placed on the N14.
Fanie Smith, from First Road Emergency Services, said the
old practice of placing rocks on the highway has been on
the rise in the past few weeks.
On Sunday, Stephen Rodgers’s car hit a rock on the N14 and
went airborne, damaging one of the wheels as it landed.
Smith was among several tow truck drivers who arrived at
the scene on the N14 on Sunday, where about 30 vehicles
were damaged.
“We helped some of the motorists change their wheels.
Police also arrived and gave us a hand. Some who could not
drive their cars organised to be picked up while their cars
where towed away,” Smith said.
Some of the motorists were so traumatised that they
abandoned their cars and ran for their lives.
“There was a Mercedes-Benz that was abandoned at the
scene and was only towed away the following day,” Smith
On Monday at the same spot another car was damaged by
rocks on the road, he said.
“There have been several incidents on the N14. I can’t count
how many people I have attended to,” Smith said.
He had also attended to several similar incidents on the
N14 near the R511, near Diepsloot, he said. – The Star

Source: iol.co.za/motoring/industry-news/more-cars-damaged-by-rocks-on-n14-1.1469920

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