Gov stoking farm violence?

DA MP says DAFF gave R10m worth of food parcels to
strike leaders, including Nosey Pieterse
Joemat-Pettersson must explain the abuse of food
parcels to stoke farm violence
I have today written to the chair of the Agriculture portfolio
committee, Lulu Johnson, to call on Minister Joemat-
Pettersson to explain the alleged expenditure on food
parcels being used to encourage violent unrest in the
Western Cape.
According to the Mail & Guardian R10m was diverted from
her department’s food security budget to give food parcels
to strike leaders, including Nosey Pieterse .
This strategy has served to fan the flames of unrest by
encouraging workers to go out and protest, often violently.
As one farm worker put it: "If you get a packet (parcel), then
you have to go the meetings and toyi-toyi. Nothing for
The ANC clearly wants to divide and destabilise rural
communities in a bid to win back the Western Cape at the
next election. What makes matters worse is that it appears
that public money is being abused to do so.
Minister Joemat-Pettersson must explain to Parliament how
it is that food parcels paid for by her Department are being
distributed by ANC-aligned structures.
I will be submitting parliamentary questions to ascertain:
the grounds on which this apparently unilateral decision was
whether there is provision for funds to be diverted from the
food security budget in this manner; and
which individuals and organisations were the recipients of
the food parcels.
Minister Joemat-Pettersson’s conduct during these strikes
has been shameful. First, she willfully condoned violence
when the strikes initially broke out last year. Then she made
irresponsible promises that all charges of intimidation and
public violence would be withdrawn.
Instead of attempting to resolve the grievances in our rural
communities, she has done everything to exacerbate the
problem. If it emerges that she used food parcels to
incentivise violent unrest, she must face charges of
incitement to violence.


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