Hijacked, stabbed and driven around for 9 hours

Durban – While Dorothy Carlyle lay bleeding in the boot of her car, the net was closing in on her captors as they partied up a storm with her money.

The three withdrawals they made using the Durban North resident’s bank card were their undoing.

Carlyle, bleeding from two stab wounds and severely beaten, was hijacked outside her home in Cadogan Road at about 14:30 on Tuesday.

Nine hours later she was rescued in kwaMashu, thanks to a combined force of police, metro officers, staff from Marshall Security, her vehicle tracking company and residents.

Three suspects aged from 15 to 22 were arrested, police said. Another two fled after a shootout with police.

On the hunt

Local councillor Dean Macpherson said Carlyle, 50, had been kidnapped earlier in the day by four men, who drove off with her in the boot of her BMW 1 Series car.

It was through technology that Carlyle was eventually saved after her last cellphone co-ordinates were traced to Newlands East, said Marshall Security director Tyron Powell.

Police picked up the trail of her captors again in kwaMashu when they withdrew cash from two cash points in C-section, taking out R2 000 before her daily withdrawal limit was reached.

Suspecting they would wait until midnight to start withdrawing again, the search party fanned out at various ATMs in the area.

Hands and feet tied

“One of our special ops members then received information that the vehicle was parked near a tavern in Nyosi Road, M-section in kwaMashu,” Powell said.

“We passed this information on to the police and proceeded together to the address. As we approached we noticed the victim’s vehicle parked outside a tavern with various people in the vehicle. We arrested three suspects in the vehicle, two females and a male. A further two suspects fled the scene.”

Police spokesperson captain Thulani Zwane said the arrested suspects would appear in the Durban Magistrate’s Court soon, charged with kidnapping and hijacking.

Further charges may be added as Carlyle was admitted to Umhlanga Hospital, said Powell.

Powell said she was found with her hands and feet tied, with a blanket thrown over her.

Macpherson, who spoke to the family, said Carlyle was traumatised by her ordeal.

But he was full of praise for the combined law enforcement efforts that led to her rescue.

“What she went through was horrific. No person should ever have to go through that. But the way the law enforcement agencies co-ordinated themselves was commendable. They worked tirelessly for nine hours.”

source: http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/Bank-card-led-cops-to-Durban-hijackers-20121004
date: 2012-10-04

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