SANDF commander wears stolen medals

The incumbent new commander of the Durban Light Infantry
is being prosecuted because he allegedly wore a fellow
soldier’s medals at an official parade.

Lt-Col Sibusiso Amos Mbuyazi (42) reportedly wore the unit’s
deceased’s chaplain’s Southern Cross and Pro Patria medals
and his John Chard Decoration for impeccable, continuous
service (30 years), when he received his rank at a Pretoria
parade on August 22.

The medals were allegedly stolen from the unit’s display
cabinet in May, and stolen for a second time after Mbuyazi
wore them in August.
The numbers on the medals correspond to those awarded to
chaplain Patrick Montgomery, whose family donated them to
the unit for safekeeping after his recent death.

When Mbuyazi was confronted about the medals a few days
after he wore them, he reportedly said he had “borrowed
them from a friend”.

Mbuyazi had since been informed that, according to the
military discipline code, he was being charged with theft, theft
of state property or property of a fellow soldier, disgraceful
behaviour, and conduct unbecoming of an officer. SAPA


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