Young South Africans pessismistic

Cape Town – A survey shows that South Africa could
lose a generation to emigration 10 years into the
A Hope Index mobile survey of over 18 000 South
Africans across demographic groups suggested that
many young people do not have faith in the future of
the country.
"On balance, respondents were optimistic about their
future, with 54% feeling that South Africa would be a
better place for them to live in ten years from now,
while 46% felt it would be worse," said Pondering
Panda, the company that commissioned the survey.
The Hope Index is conducted at regular intervals and
results show that there is not much change in attitudes,
with black South Africans the most optimistic, at whites
least optimistic about their future.
"There were strong demographic differences in
attitude. While 61% of young black respondents were
optimistic, all other race groups were pessimistic on
balance. Only 27% of Asians, 34% of whites, and 44%
of coloureds were optimistic about their future," said
Pondering Panda.
Unemployment is a major concern for blacks, while
other race groups are most concerned about crime, the
Index found.
There were also differences in terms of age and gender.
Younger people are more optimistic than the older
generation, while 60% of men are more positive about
their future in SA than women.
"There were also differences according to the age of
respondents, with pessimism increasing with age.
Teenagers under 18 years old were most optimistic,
with 58% of those aged 15 to 17 believing that the
future was positive.
"In contrast, only 46% of those aged 25 to 34 were
positive," the company said.
Butch Rice of Pondering Panda said that while the
results gave insight into the minds of young people, the
trends were worrying for the long term prospects of the
"Even more concerning is that only young black South
Africans are optimistic on balance. All other race
groups are pessimistic. This would indicate that we
face the possibility of many of our youth planning a
future elsewhere, as they do not have faith in our
country’s future. This could have alarming implications
for emigration rates in the future, as well as a potential
brain drain," he said.
Statistics compiles by Statistics SA in 2003 showed that
the UK was the leading destination for South Africans
leaving the country, with 111 884 in 2003, followed by
Australia with 52 997.
The statistics also showed a net loss of 9 529
economically active individuals.


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