Zuma villiage to be funded by the taxpayer

Pietermaritzburg – The government is planning a new R2bn
town in President Jacob Zuma’s home village of Nkandla and
taxpayers will have to pick up half the tab, the Mail &
Guardian reported on Friday.
Initial estimates were that the government would have to
direct more than R1bn of taxpayers’ money into the
Another R1bn would be needed from the private sector to
make the project viable.
It was the brainchild of Masibambisane, a rural development
organisation Zuma chairs, which the Democratic Alliance has
described as a "hand-out scheme used by Zuma to curry
But the department of rural development and land reform
had taken up the project with apparent enthusiasm.
In July, expelled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema
accused him of building a "New York City of KwaZulu-Natal"
in Nkandla.
So the "Zumaville" plans could plague the ANC leader as
politicking as the party heats up in the run-up to the party’s
elective conference in Mangaung in December.
But Zuma’s spokesperson, Mac Maharaj, described the
criticism as "reckless" and "without basis in fact".
"Rural development is one of the priorities of the government
and is not restricted to one area," he was quoted as saying.
The construction would transform what is a dusty backwater
with basic government buildings scattered among isolated
rural homesteads into tree-lined avenues and covered
walkways connecting modern, architect-designed buildings,
the newspaper said.
Last year, Zuma came under fire for a multimillion-rand
upgrade to his homestead, which apparently included
underground living quarters.
The IFP accused the president of giving Nkandla preferential
treatment in government’s rural development programme.

Source: m.news24.com/news24/SouthAfrica/News/Taxpayers-to-fund-Zumaville-20120803-4

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