Sewrage problems in Vryburg

AfriForum rebuked the Naledi Municipality in December
2011 and demanded that the dumping of sewage in the
Harts River at the Vryburg wastewater treatment works
AfriForum handed a letter to the municipal manager
demanding that an action plan be made available to it, and
that the matter be resolved.
According to the chairman of AfriForum’s Vryburg branch,
Mr Herman Swanepoel, the district municipality approved
around R3 118 950 for repairs to the wastewater works.
“However, the municipality has not appointed a contractor
and, as a result, the environment is still being polluted by 9
mega litre of untreated sewage water on a daily basis,”
Swanepoel said.
“At a meeting with the municipality, held on 10 February, the
branch was informed that repairs would have been
completed by 15 March,” according to Swanepoel.
“We are of the opinion that the repairs should be
completed without delay. The municipality’s behaviour
indicates that it is not serious about the environment. We
expect reaction and confirmation that the contractor was
appointed and that the deadline will be met,” added
AfriForum will monitor this matter closely, and if it is not
resolved, criminal charges will be considered.

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