ANCYL landdistribution talk = hate speach

AfriForum Youth laid a charge of intimidation against
ANC Youth League deputy president Ronald Lamola on
Wednesday over comments he made about land
"AfriForum Youth hopes to achieve justice with this
charge against Ronald Lamola, because statements
that instigate hatred have a ripple effect on
communities and sow further division," spokesperson
Charl Oberholzer said in a statement.
The charge of intimidation was laid at the Brooklyn
police station in Pretoria and a case number would be
issued soon, Oberholzer said.
Brooklyn police station spokesperson Warrant Officer
Annabelle Middleton confirmed that a charge had been
laid and that it had been referred to the Lyttelton
police station.
On Tuesday, Lamola called for the Constitution to be
changed to allow the expropriation of land without
He warned that if white South Africans did not hand
over land to poor blacks, there could be land invasions
like those that took place in Zimbabwe.
He was briefing the media at the St George’s Hotel in
Irene, Pretoria, following an African National Congress
Youth League policy workshop, ahead of the ANC’s
policy conference later this month.
Oberholzer said the ANCYL did not belong in South Africa if
it made such statements.
"Not only are such statements criminal, but they are also
immoral and racist," he said
AfriForum said it would also lay criminal charges against
Lamola and take the matter to the Equality Court.
AfriForum’s legal representative Willie Spies said Lamola’s
comments amounted to hate speech and fell within the
definition of incitement to violence.
Spies said Lamola specifically referred to "the Van Tonders
and the Van der Merwes on farms" and warned that their
safety could not be guaranteed.
The agricultural union Tau SA said it was "disgusted" by
Lamola’s comments and would file a complaint with the SA
Human Rights Commission.
"Tau SA has instructed its legal team to start with the
strongest possible measures against Lamola, the ANCYL, the
ANC and its president."
ANCYL spokesperson Magdalene Moonsamy said the
groups needed to be "ready for the fight of their lives".
"We welcome this battle, and we will not retreat. We are
adamant that this issue of land cannot be negotiated, and
at no point will we back down," she said.
The ANCYL later issued a statement calling AfriForum "the
defender of white privilege".
"We reaffirm the statement made by [Lamola] that those
who continue to hold land which was illegally and immorally
taken away from the indigenous people of South Africa
must voluntarily co-operate with the ANC-led government
[to] ensure swift and equitable redistribution of such land to
the masses of our people."
The ANCYL again warned that it might not be able to stem
the impatience of millions of landless South Africans.
"Such a precautionary note raising the hopeless plight of our
people, blacks in general and Africans in particular, can only
be construed as an incitement to violence… by those hell-
bent to protect white minority privilege at the expense of
the black majority."
The Democratic Alliance called on the government to reject
the ANCYL’s calls for changes to the Constitution to allow
the expropriation of land without compensation.
"It must declare its support of the constitutionally
enshrined assurance of security of tenure and protection of
private property rights," DA MP Athol Trollip said in a
He said calls for expropriation undermined the
government’s efforts to attract investment, to grow the
economy and to create jobs.
Trollip said it was repugnant that Lamola’s comments were
given any publicity.
"Lamola’s specific reference to the ‘Van Tonders and Van
der Merwes’ having to hand over their land is tantamount to
a declaration of ‘war’ based on ethnicity," Trollip said.

Date: 2012-06-08

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