ANCYL wants to grab land without compensation

The Constitution must be changed to allow the
expropriation of land without compensation, the ANC Youth
League said on Tuesday.
“All our issues are locked there in section 25 of the
Constitution,” ANCYL deputy president Ronald Lamola told
reporters in Centurion, Pretoria.
The league discussed policy at a workshop on the weekend
ahead of the ANC’s policy conference later this month. It
decided a minister of expropriation without compensation
should be appointed.
Section 25 of the Constitution refers to property rights and
sets out conditions for the expropriation of land with
Lamola said the ANC should not apologise for changing the
Constitution – which would require a two-thirds majority in
“The ANC must amend section 25 without apologising to
any investor or anybody. The ANC must amend its own
Constitution when it deems necessary,” he said.
If white South Africans did not hand land over to poor
blacks, there could be land invasions like those that took
place in Zimbabwe, the league warned.
“The nature of the inequalities… they are creating a situation
where it’s impossible for us to maintain stability,” Lamola
The league disapproved of the youth wage subsidy, calling
instead for a job search subsidy.
This would involve feeding unemployed youth so that they
would have the energy to study and search for jobs. Lamola
said this had been successful in Brazil.
Lamola said the nationalisation of mining and other sectors
of the economy was inevitable.
“The whole world is moving towards nationalisation…
nationalisation is inevitable. Every society that is serious
about changing inequalities… is nationalising and is having
ownership of the strategic sectors of the economy by the
state.” – Sapa


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