100 metro cops under investigation still working

Eyewitness News has learnt nearly 100 Tshwane
metro police officers have criminal convictions or
are awaiting trial but are still on duty.

On Tuesday it emerged during the bail application
of Sergeant Izak Olifant that he had a previous
conviction of public violence and was awaiting trial
on assault.

By law, officers should be suspended when
criminally charged.

Murder, rape, robbery, assault, drunk driving and
fraud are among the list of convictions of Tshwane
metro police officers.

Dozens more are awaiting trial on similar charges
but only a handful have been suspended as
requested by law.

Community Safety Head Daniel Manganye declined
to comment on the matter saying the issue of
officers with previous convictions fell under the
mandate of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU)

Sources said applications to suspend the officers
have been submitted, but claimed the bottleneck
was in the department’s legal services division.
The SIU’s Marika Muller confirmed this formed
part of their investigation but did not provide

[Source:] www.ewn.co.za/Story.aspx?Id=76410
[Date:] 2011-10-26

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