66% of blacks consider song to be hate speech

Johannesburg – Three quarters of adults feel the
words " shoot the boer " constitute hate speech ,
a TNS survey has found .
The survey , in which 2 000 residents of
metropolitan areas participated , found 74 % felt
the phrase constituted hate speech , 18 %
disagreed while 8 % said they did not know .
ANC Youth League president Julius Malema
was currently defending himself in the Equality
Court after a charge of hate speech was lodged
against him for singing a song containing the
lyrics " shoot the boer " .
The Tshwane – based lobby group AfriForum and
agricultural organisation Tau SA have objected
to his singing the lyrics on at least five
They claim the lyrics are hurtful to certain ethnic
groups, especially Afrikaners and farmers, and
could incite harm or propagate hatred against
them. They hope the court will declare that the
"utterances " constitute hate speech in terms of
the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of
Unfair Discrimination Act.
66 % of blacks agreed
According to the survey 66 % of blacks agreed it
constituted hate speech , 90 % of whites , 82 % of
coloureds and 91 % of Indians surveyed agreed.
Twenty – four percent of those who disagreed
were black , 5 % were white, 13 % coloured and
5 % Indian .
Eighty- eight percent of those who agreed that
the words constituted hate speech were English
speaking, 87 % Afrikaans speaking, 68 % Zulu
speaking, 67 % Xhosa speaking and 61 % Sotho
"Whilst there are important differences between
race groups in metro South Africa, it is
noteworthy that a majority of all groupings feel
that these phrases do indeed constitute hate
speech ," said TNS Surveys in a statement .
In a telephone study conducted in 2004 , 74 %
also agreed that the words constitute hate
speech , showing that attitudes toward the
phrase had not altered much in the last six

Source www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/Survey-66-blacks-rate-boer-song-hate-speech-20110411
Date 2011-04-12

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