Father killed by rock thrown from bridge

White motorists targets of stone-throwing youth gangs

Black youths deliberately target white drivers in Pretoria with large boulders; killed was engineer Gideon Ehlers – damaging the cars of hotel chef Brian Engelbrecht and gymnasium instructor Gabriel Barnard

May 8 2010 – Beeld newspaper reports that 39-year-old Afrikaner engineer Gideon Ehlers, who works at the Drift Super Sand company in Muldersdrift, was murdered yesterday by a group of black youths who had thrown a giant boulder into his car from the Pretoria Street bridge on May 7 2010.

Amanda Roestoff reports that the young dad was killed only one day after another young Afrikaner, 21-year-old Brian Engelbrecht, a chef at the Ndlovu Lodge, escaped death when he swerved just as a big boulder was thrown from the same bridge while he driving underneath it. And 24-year-old Afrikaner gymnasium instructor Gabriel Barnard also was targetted by a boulder in Church Street along the N-4 highway. The boulder landed on his back-seat and it caused him to swerve and crash into a VW Polo, he said.

The murdered engineer Mr Ehlers was alone in his car when he was killed by the large boulder, said SAPS constable Portia Maleka. Crime-dossiers were opened, she added.

The distraught Mrs Ehlers told Beeld “I don’t know what is going on in this country. My husband has never hurt anyone. The government must do something’

Engelbrecht told Beeld that he escaped being murdered when he saw the boulder being thrown and swerved just in time. It hit the passenger side of his VW Polo, shattered his windscreen, head-rest and instrument panel. He’s lodged a case of malicious damage. Mr Ehlers is survived by his wife and two sons, Robbie (17) and Taylor (6).

source: http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/230288-White-motorists-targets-of-stone-throwing-youth-gangs

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